Dear San Francisco,

I knew in my mind that living the city life had risk and you were no different. I tried to be smart on the streets and stayed out of the “bad areas.” Well last night I was too trusting. One of your citizens violated my property and it left me feeling so hurt. How could this happen? Why did this happen? Did I give people too much credit?

Last night, I was out in Downtown San Francisco. I parked my car on the street and put all of our valuables in the trunk. I left my bag of knitting projects in the rear of the car. Three hours later, we returned to my knitting being strewn all over the sidewalk and my car window being smashed out. Feelings of shock, anger, and fear went instantly through my body. Thankfully no one was injured, nor were our valuables stolen. However, I am a little upset about my precious lost knitting items. They stole my tools bag ( holds stitch holders, sewing needles, buttons, cable needle…etc) , two of my favorite circulars, a few straight needles, my crafting scissors, and a skein of yarn. I had 3 WIPs, two of which I promptly threw in the trash as they were tangled and filthy. Such a bummer.


Amoung the WIPs was my Baby Burrito blanket. It got stained (by just coffee I hope) and thrown on the ground. I have attempted to hand wash it in hot water to see if it could be saved. However, knowing what it has been through, I don’t know if I want to gift it to my friend. Any thoughts?


In the meantime, I will finish writing my insurance claim and clean up my car. The learned lesson in all of this: Nothing is ever safe in your car. Not even your knitting. 😕

12 thoughts on “Violated!

  1. I am so sorry – that must feel awful. What a shame about your knitting! The car can be fixed, but not the knitting. PS is that a blue corolla? We have one just like it. 🙂 Love that car.

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