DIY Hair Mask

I am still on the quest to find a DIY hair mask that works well for my hair. I attempted this mask previously, however, it turned out to be a big mess. Some more research lead me to  this DIY Protein Deep Conditioner  found on Savvy Brown.  I decided to give it a try.


Protein-treat-comp_completeThis mask was super easy to make as it has only 3 ingredients. The application was not super messy since the mayo and honey were a bit thicker in consistency. I could easily spoon the mask into my hands and rub it into my hair. I chose to apply the conditioner after I had washed my hair. According to the site you can also dampen your hair and apply it before you wash (aka “Pre-poo treatment”).

After 1.5 hours I washed the treatment out and completed my usual styling routine. Conclusion: I would defiantly use this conditioner again. It was easy to apply and it left my hair feeling soft and hydrated.


Anyone have any homemade beauty products you love?


5 thoughts on “DIY Hair Mask

  1. It’s not homemade but falls into the DIY category. I have super oily skin that scars easy. I’ve tried so much stuff from Walmart to Sephora and nothing worked well or if it did it was massively spendy. Know what ended working pretty damn well? Milk of Magnesia. Like the Phillips stomach medication. For serious. I swab my face with let it dry, use it as a primer for my makeup and it has never looked better and the oil is extremely reduced! Who knew?

      • I’ve been doing it for a month now and it’s really the best. Don’t get the cherry flavor though. Just the regular. I find the actual Phillips brand which is about $3.50 works better than the dollar store brand. Not sure why. But one bottle will last you awhile.

  2. Thanks so much for trying it out! I always used my hands to apply it, but maybe next time, use a little less honey. Also, for a treat, I sometimes add rosemary essential oil. I like the smell and it’s a great clarifier. I have never tried the MOM method, but I’ve heard about it.

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