Bonjour Montréal

Ahhh Montréal how I love you! Your architecture is marvelous, the smoked meats and poutine are delicious, and your festivals are amazing. We have been in the city for about four days and have enjoyed every minute! The first evening we spent hitting the festivals. Montréal is famous for its comedy and music festivals. The Just for Laughs festival had just started and the African Nights ( or Nuits D’Afrique in French) festival was coming to an end. We ended up staying awhile at the African Nights Festival and heard a group called Gokh Bi System , a hip hop group from Senegal. They were super energetic and great performers. I love how they easily flowed between French, English, and their native language within their music.



The second day, we walked around Old Montréal and saw the historic buildings by the river in addition to the Notre-Dame Cathedral. My boyfriend (who has never been to the city before) kept marveling at how much of a European feel Montréal possess. It is remarkable how Montréal has retained the French/ European flair while evolving with the modern age. This mash up of styles really tells the tale of how the city has changed over the years.









Sadly there is not much crafting news to report as I have been out and about for most of the days. I hope to update you with some progress on my baby blanket soon.

Stay tuned for some more Québécois updates!

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