The Baby Blanket Curse

I swear whenever I make a baby blanket it always takes forever and I generally encounter a problem. Remember my Dogwood Blanket? Recently, my sister asked me to make a blanket for a friend of hers. I usually hate making blankets, but against better judgement I said “yes”. I decided on this Ten Stitch Zigzag by Frankie Brown. I really liked the concept of knitting with only ten stitches as well as the chevron pattern it made. The yarn I chose is mix of stash leftovers I had (Cascade Ultra Pima Cotton Fine in Yellow Rose and Ultra Cotton in Silver) as well as Sirdar Snuggly Baby Bamboo in Limey.

Cut to a week later: I really can’t stand making this blanket. Most of it could be due to me not liking to make blankets, but this pattern is giving me such troubles. Why you ask? Well essentially it a garter stitch with occasional decreases and increases. No big deal right? Nope! Because it is garter stitch I am not keeping good track of where I am (using garter stitch I can mainly knit without looking). Therefore, I get too busy talking and/or watching TV and I miss a decrease or increase. The result is this gal doing a lot of frogging 🐸

Currently, I am on stripe #5 and the progress/speed is improving. I have about 3 more weeks till baby is born so hopefully I can get it done.

IMG_3092[1] Beach Knitting!

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