Summer Travel: New England

There is nothing like New England. It will forever be my original home. I would move back in a heartbeat if I didn’t hate winter. Back in the 50’s my great grandfather purchased a home in Oak Bluffs, MA (located on Martha’s Vineyard) from an auction. The house has changed quite a bit in the last 6 decades, but the same charm and love radiates between the walls. I feel I have a special connection to this island. Martha’s Vineyard is the one steady place I can really call “home.” Despite all my moving and travel, I know I can always return.

Here are some photos from our first day in Oak Bluffs. We toured around the harbor area and within the Martha’s Vineyard Campground Meeting Association (MVCMA). This area is comprised of a couple of hundred cottages surrounding a Tabernacle. In the 1830’s the campground began as a place for religious gatherings and worship. As it became more popular, families started buying land and building the cottages. The cottages are one of my favorite  things about the town. Not only are the houses beautiful, but the sense of history and community is strong.


Looking forward to sharing more travel pictures 📷

5 thoughts on “Summer Travel: New England

  1. I do love our summer islands! My grandparents had a place on Block Island, and I have no memories as special as the ones of summers spent there with them.

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