Knitting in the Air

About a month ago, I won a giveaway on the blog Woolen Diversions. I was super excited about the prize considering it was the Knitter’s Pride Karbonz Interchangeable Needle Set. I had been really wanting a interchangeable set, as I am tired of the excessive number of needles in my house. I was convinced the knitting angels must have heard me ūüėá

knitangelsWell the Karbonz  Set arrived and I could not wait to get them in action! I picked my project (a cute cable tam hat from Yarn Owl Patterns) and I was all ready to get it going.  This was Wednesday.  I decided to hold off on starting until Friday  as I would be traveling to Los Angeles. However, Wednesday night  my mind registered a problem:



Airline travel and ¬†pointy metal needles…a huge wrench could be thrown into my afternoon of knitting!

Okay so Sam isn’t speaking the truth, but the meme is too funny. Knitting needles are allowed, yet these Karbonz needles are pointy! I immediately took to Ravelry to see if anyone had any insight into this matter. The consensus seemed to be that I should not carry-on anything I do not want to risk being confiscated. *Ugh* I guess I will be working with my good ol’ bamboo circulars while hanging out at San Francisco International. Karbonz Set…enjoy the ride under the plane and see you in Los Angeles!

Anyone have any knitting/travel stories or tips? What tools do you usually carry on?


5 thoughts on “Knitting in the Air

  1. The only time I have ever had my needles confiscated was on an international flight into the US. I happened to have ALL OF THEM in my carryon at once. (I was returning from a few months abroad and that’s where they happened to fit.) The very nice Dutch people of KLM were very considerate and actually stashed them in the cockpit and returned them to me at the end of the flight. Northern Europe is very knitter friendly. Mind you, I had no problem on my Ediburgh to Amsterdam flight, only Amsterdam to Chicago. I think it might be an American thing. So my advice is, don’t take an entire set when flying, just take the one pair that you’re using. Even then, don’t take anything that you’d be heartbroken to lose.

  2. My recent trip from Portland (Maine) to San Francisco made me wonder about knitting needles on planes. I had at least three metal circular needles with me in my bag that made it through security just fine. Perhaps it is dependent on the airline, too? I am careful to check for scissors in my bag and usually leave my notions pouch at home, just in case!

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