Eating Your Way to Beauty

go ahead its gluten free

For the past two weeks I have been attempting a gluten-free diet. When I say this to friends, many think that celebrity mind tricks have finally worked on me. However, this is not the case. A close family member recently found out that they had a significant gluten-sensitivity. In terms of health, we have many similar digestive/ body issues going on. Therefore, this person encouraged me to try a gluten-free diet. After much reading online , I decided to give it a try for a month. I haven’t noticed a dramatic change in my overall well-being, but I have much respect for those who need to be gluten-free. Gluten is EVERYWHERE!!! It is obviously in bread and pastry, but soy sauce? How I am suppose to eat my California sushi rolls?!?

As I continue on with this challenge, it got me thinking a lot about how food impacts our body functions. I have never been a  horrible eater, but when you have to think about what you are eating it kind of makes me want to eat healthier. Here are some simple and delicious looking recipes I have been meaning to try.

1)   Eggs and bacon in an avocado…it is like a mini breakfast bowl.


2) According to Dr. Oz (and various other websites) Chia seeds are a great thing to eat to order to achieve healthy skin. Hmmm… I wonder how  these smoothies will taste.

3) MMMMMMM blueberry crisp! Perfect summer treat.


4) This Strawberry, Melon, Avocado salad looks yummy for the upcoming Memorial Day weekend.

5) This Agave Lime Salmon sounds like a Margarita for dinner!



Anyone else have any go-to healthy recipes?

























2 thoughts on “Eating Your Way to Beauty

  1. The avocado breakfast bowl looks delicious!
    Almost every, if not every, variety of Chex cereal is gluten-free. I like to make my own trail mix with it, nuts, banana chips, and dried cranberries. Maybe you could throw in some chocolate chips, too!

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