Quick Posts- Too Many Choices

It is a chilly day in the bay today. I am heading out to a BBQ and a finished object would complete my look perfectly. Problem is… Which one do I choose?


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Friday Funnies

Ahhhh made it to Friday! Since we have 2 weeks left of school, I have been SUPER busy with parent meetings, paperwork, and cleaning my classroom. Sad to say this doesn’t leave much time for crafting ūüė©. Good news: I have Pinterest and all of your blogs to live vicariously through. Have a happy Friday and hopefully a craft-filled weekend!




Knitting Tip …And Then Purl Some

As someone who is a tight knitter this tip is AMAZING! Will be using it in future patters!

Espace Tricot Blog

As it happens ever so often, when I stumble upon the same issue with knitting in one week more than once, I feel it is worth mentioning in one of my blog posts. This time around it has to do with lace knitting, or rather one particular technique sometimes used in lace.

The ‚Äúpurl x stitches together‚ÄĚ ‚Äď p2tog, p5tog, p10tog (Oh yes, those patterns exist. And somehow I doubt they were intentioned to torture you, though sometimes it will feel like it.)

Purling 2 stitches together is not really a problem. It is as easily done as knit 2 together. Now, the rest of it can be a bit tricky, especially if your knitting is a bit on the tight side. Do not fear, there is a solution.

Instead of trying to force your knitting needle into 5, or even 10 stitches to try purl them together at once…

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Eating Your Way to Beauty

go ahead its gluten free

For the past two weeks I have been attempting a gluten-free diet. When I say this to friends, many think that celebrity¬†mind tricks have finally worked on me. However, this is not the case. A close family member recently found out that they had a significant gluten-sensitivity. In terms of health, we have many similar digestive/ body issues going on. Therefore, this person encouraged me to try a gluten-free diet. After much reading online , I decided to give it a try for a month. I haven’t noticed a dramatic change in my overall well-being, but I have much respect for those who need to be gluten-free. Gluten is EVERYWHERE!!! It is obviously in bread and pastry, but soy sauce? How I am suppose to eat my California sushi rolls?!?

As I continue on with this challenge, it got me thinking a lot about how food impacts our body functions. I have never been a  horrible eater, but when you have to think about what you are eating it kind of makes me want to eat healthier. Here are some simple and delicious looking recipes I have been meaning to try.

1) ¬† Eggs and bacon in an avocado…it is like a mini breakfast bowl.


2) According to Dr. Oz (and various other websites) Chia seeds are a great thing to eat to order to achieve healthy skin. Hmmm… I wonder how ¬†these smoothies will taste.

3) MMMMMMM blueberry crisp! Perfect summer treat.


4) This Strawberry, Melon, Avocado salad looks yummy for the upcoming Memorial Day weekend.

5) This Agave Lime Salmon sounds like a Margarita for dinner!



Anyone else have any go-to healthy recipes?
























DIY- Nail Art

Brit +Co. had this great article on DIY nail art for wedding season. I loved the Peach Tip Pastel Mani from So Nailicious.


When recreating the design, I changed the colors (red on pastel pink) and made the diagonal details a little larger.


I’m not a talented nail artist, but I think I captured the look. Want to make it easier? Try nail art pens!

DIY- Skin Exfoliant

If you are in the northern hemisphere summer is rapidly approaching. The change in seasons means more skin will be showing. Exfoliants are a great way to shed that old skin and bring out your natural youthful shine. Many mainstream products like St. Ives Apricot Scrub are just a little too rough on the skin. However, products like Trader Joe’s Apple and Sea Salt Scrub are a great alternative. Yet, why spend all the money on “natural” products when you can easily make them?

This DIY Scrub only requires olive oil, honey, salt ( or sugar if you prefer). Not only is it budget friendly, but it truly is natural for your body.


Result: This scrub was great! I used it on my face, hands, and lower legs. (The recipe makes enough for multiple body parts.) In addition, this scrub is easy to make and minimally messy. Your skin will be left feeling super soft and smooth. So head into your kitchen and start exfoliating today!

As always please share if you have some wonderful ways you DIY skin care!