Weekend Wrap-Up: SoCal

This weekend I was down in SoCal visiting my boyfriend.  Saturday was our two-year anniversary, so he planned a cute day trip to the Palos Verdes Hills. The trip was wonderful! Palos Verdes sits along the coast so we had great views of the Pacific Ocean out to Catalina. All of the houses were Spanish style homes that sat on a cliff overlooking the water. Amazing! When I hit the lottery I am defiantly going retire here. When we got there we enjoyed a short hike, some cave exploration, and a nice picnic by the water.

Our anniversary also coincided with my boyfriend’s work gala.  The theme this year was the Great Gatsby.  I love the fashion of the 1920s, especially the headpieces. After a little research, I decided to DIY a headpiece to wear to the party. I found some vintage looking lace in the local arts and crafts store and combined it with my great-grandmother’s brooch and a feather piece. Sorry for the bad party pics, but the lighting was no so good for my iPhone.



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