Shawls and More Shawls

Is it me or are you too feeling like you are being bombarded with shawl patterns? Many sites are featuring quite a number of lacy shawl patterns. I generally don’t pick shawls to make, but some of these patterns are too good not to try. Here are some of my favorites.– (Regenerate) This shawl is gorgeous in purple, but I think it would be stunning in a cream color as well. Bridal Shower gift maybe?


Twisted Collective Spring 2014 (Aello) My mind is conjuring a nice summer evening out with a slight breeze? I am thinking Martha’s Vineyard, Nantucket or even Newport…? wallpaper2


Tin Can Knits (Rosebud)- I like that this shawl is light enough for spring/summer and is featured in a bold color.  Additional benefit: This style (triangle shaped) also can double for a scarf as well.




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