Camping Project

While hanging out in the wilderness , I had the chance to start a new project. Picking out a new project is always exciting, however, there are special considerations when traveling.

1) Is it portable and or compact? – You don’t want to bring intense colorwork projects with multiple ball of yarn. Not only does it take up too much room, but there is high risk of a ball or two ending up in the dirt. 😩

2) Is it easy to work?– Most of the time, you will want to knit as the day is winding down. Since you won’t have much light, it is better to bring something easy to work (i.e, that garter stitch blanket you are working on for someone’s baby). Plus you will probably want to sit and chat by the fire. Something easier allows you to participate in the conversation and not make as many mistakes.

I decided on a Rainbow Shawl. This shawl was inspired by the Nix shawl on on Untangling Knots. I am really feeling the way it looks like a modern bandana. I decided not to go with the pattern as I felt the rainbow striping and the lacy effect would be a little much. Here is what I have so far:


I love this yarn! It was one of my purchases on my trip to Taos, NM. The colors are rich and the feel of the wool blend is amazing! The only bummer is that now my project smells a little like campfire. Hopefully a quick wash will fix it.

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