Looking for Adventure

“I have this desire to explore.”

Thanks Pinterest! This quote sums up where I am in life right now. I need to, have to, want to explore the world around me.  Recently, I was thinking, “Why I was feeling so “blah” about everything?”  Work was blah, school was blah, and my social calendar was blah. Nothing was bad, yet it wasn’t super duper awesome either.  I have been doing the same thing day after day and it is becoming bland.  This weekend it hit me. The reason that everything has become “eh” is because I am not taking the time to bring a little adventure to my life. Anytime that has been  a great moment  was because I was taking a risk and exploring. Don’t get me wrong, I am not flipping off dirt bikes or skydiving. I am simply pushing myself toward novel experiences. Adventure can be right outside your door. It is seeking out new cultures, food, music, hobbies…etc. This is what brings me joy. It also motivates me in other areas in life. If I feel excited about life, I want to be better version of me, whether it be at work, school, or when just hanging out with friends.

So the quest for adventures begins! This weekend we took a risk and went camping. I haven’t been since I was 8, so this was like going for the first time. We went to Del Valle Regional Park outside of Livermore, CA. I am not super outdoorsy, but camping wasn’t too bad.

One of the funniest moments was when we woke up and notice we had had some night time visitors:


Despite our curious friends, we had tons of fun hiking, climbing trees, fishing, and riding bikes. All in all I would say camping was quite successful. Who knows maybe another camping adventure in the future?

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