On The Needles

Is there such a thing as too many projects? Currently, I have 2 WIPs. I think that is a fair amount. After all,  there is a time and a place for each knitting project. I know I can’t go to knitting group and bring something complicated. I’m  too busy chatting and drinking my cocktail. However, when I watch a pretty mindless TV show like The Voice I know I don’t need to really pay attention all that much. Therefore, I can work on something like lace or cables. So technically I need multiple projects so that I can be prepared to knit in any situation (haha).

One project I just completed was a cute little diaper cover.  I made it using the leftovers of my Painted Desert yarn from Knitting Fever. I wish I had access to a baby to model it. I think it would be a great new mommy gift paired with the cowl I have for sale in my Etsy store.

I had been saving  the last skein of Painted Desert Collection yarn for a longer infinity scarf. It is looking good so far. I am keeping it super simple as I want the colors to be the spotlight rather than the design.


I recently found this  bamboo/wool blend from Sirdar Spinning Inc in my LYS.  It is so soft and the color is awesome! Plus it is super affordable ($7.00/ 50 grams).  I am pretty sure I will be returning to get more.


I am working on a headband that ties in the front. The one issue with this yarn is that mistakes can be spotted really easily. Can you spot mine?


Thankfully I remembered the frogging technique I posted about awhile ago. I looped my other needle through the stitches, pulled, and IT WORKED!


So how many WIPs do you have on the needles?


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