Weekending in San Francisco

Me: “Let’s do something.”
Boyfriend: “Like what?”
Me: “I don’t know. Let’s just get out of the house.
Boyfriend : “We should go to Coit Tower. ”

And so our adventure began. Coit Tower is a lovely site in San Francisco with a great view. However, one must ascend a crazy amount of steep stairs to get there.


Not my idea of something to do on a relaxing afternoon, but I ended up on the trolley headed out toward the piers. The first matter of business was to climb the Filbert Street stairs. The cool thing about these stairs is there is a possible chance of sighting parrots. Parrots in San Francisco?! Yes indeed. Check here for more info. Allegedly, back in the day people would try to domesticate wild parrots. It ended up the parrots hated captivity so people released them into the wild. Hence the wild parrots of San Francisco.

Unfortunately, no parrot sightings 😔, but there were many beautiful flowers on the way.




Good news: We made it to the top without suffering from a heart attack! Bad news:


Ugh! All this way for nothing? Eventually we figured out that you could take in some views from the parking level. A little bit obstructed by the bushes, but still a great panorama of the bay.




The storm clouds started to roll in so we headed down the hill to North Beach (aka Little Italy). We stumbled upon a cute restaurant with a covered outdoor patio. It was perfect. I felt almost a little European with my glass of wine and pasta just watching people stroll by. All and all a perfect afternoon. Sometimes it is great acting like a tourist in your own city.

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