Crafting Swap

So recently I participated in a crafting swap hosted by Margaret Bloom from the blog We Bloom Here. I was super excited about this as I have never participated in a swap before. We were each grouped into triads so that every crafter made two gifts and received two gifts.

Here are my gifts that I created:



In return, I received this super cute apron from Anne (blog: Itty Bitty Love)


Ellen from MD sent me wonderful handmade stationary.


Overall, this experience was great! It is always amazing to see what others are crafting out there 🙂


Nailed It Right?


Pinterest is awesome, amazing, magical and so much more. However, even with the best intentions, crafting can head down the wrong path. Here are some brave souls who posted their #pintrestfails and #pinterestfailsnailedit





Knit Tip

I really hate buying knitting supplies other than needles. I find that most of the commercial stuff one can DIY. Here is a good one from Lion’s Brand:


Just make sure you use a porous cork and not those new ones. The new ones are very dense and are hard to puncture a needle through (especially if you are using wooden or bamboo needles. )



Camping Project

While hanging out in the wilderness , I had the chance to start a new project. Picking out a new project is always exciting, however, there are special considerations when traveling.

1) Is it portable and or compact? – You don’t want to bring intense colorwork projects with multiple ball of yarn. Not only does it take up too much room, but there is high risk of a ball or two ending up in the dirt. đŸ˜©

2) Is it easy to work?– Most of the time, you will want to knit as the day is winding down. Since you won’t have much light, it is better to bring something easy to work (i.e, that garter stitch blanket you are working on for someone’s baby). Plus you will probably want to sit and chat by the fire. Something easier allows you to participate in the conversation and not make as many mistakes.

I decided on a Rainbow Shawl. This shawl was inspired by the Nix shawl on on Untangling Knots. I am really feeling the way it looks like a modern bandana. I decided not to go with the pattern as I felt the rainbow striping and the lacy effect would be a little much. Here is what I have so far:


I love this yarn! It was one of my purchases on my trip to Taos, NM. The colors are rich and the feel of the wool blend is amazing! The only bummer is that now my project smells a little like campfire. Hopefully a quick wash will fix it.

Looking for Adventure

“I have this desire to explore.”

Thanks Pinterest! This quote sums up where I am in life right now. I need to, have to, want to explore the world around me.  Recently, I was thinking, “Why I was feeling so “blah” about everything?”  Work was blah, school was blah, and my social calendar was blah. Nothing was bad, yet it wasn’t super duper awesome either.  I have been doing the same thing day after day and it is becoming bland.  This weekend it hit me. The reason that everything has become “eh” is because I am not taking the time to bring a little adventure to my life. Anytime that has been  a great moment  was because I was taking a risk and exploring. Don’t get me wrong, I am not flipping off dirt bikes or skydiving. I am simply pushing myself toward novel experiences. Adventure can be right outside your door. It is seeking out new cultures, food, music, hobbies…etc. This is what brings me joy. It also motivates me in other areas in life. If I feel excited about life, I want to be better version of me, whether it be at work, school, or when just hanging out with friends.

So the quest for adventures begins! This weekend we took a risk and went camping. I haven’t been since I was 8, so this was like going for the first time. We went to Del Valle Regional Park outside of Livermore, CA. I am not super outdoorsy, but camping wasn’t too bad.

One of the funniest moments was when we woke up and notice we had had some night time visitors:


Despite our curious friends, we had tons of fun hiking, climbing trees, fishing, and riding bikes. All in all I would say camping was quite successful. Who knows maybe another camping adventure in the future?

International Happiness Day!

It is International Happiness Day! What is that? A day  that was designated by the UN to promote human happiness and well-being. I think this is a fabulous idea! We can all get so busy thinking about all the stuff we need to do, have to do, or are obligated to do. Yet, how many times a day do you think about what makes you happy?

I started my day today thinking about what makes me happy:

1) Love

2) Family and Friends

3) Travel

4) Flowers

4) Crafting!

So I challenge you to think about what makes you happy and share it with someone today 🙂