New Projects on the horizon…

Ravelry always causes problems for me. Whenever I am creatively stuck I go to the patterns section to gain some inspiration. 30 minutes of perusing and I now have too many projects for one girl to make! Here are some of my favorites so far.

Admiral’s Knot Tank– Perfect for hot summer days (outside of San Francisco haha)

Eyelet Yoke Sweater– I am super petite so the fact that the front is shorter than the back hooked me. Since I work with kids, I am constantly bending down and therefore need to have long tops. Yet, when the top is long in the front too I tend to look a little stumpy.

Bottom of my Heart Baby Bloomers – Made with cotton instead of wool would makes these a great gift for a summer baby.

There are about 2 other projects in my queue that will have to take a back burner. The weather man is predicting it will be a rainy weekend. I better hit up my LYS and get to work!


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