Rainy Day= crafting!


It was super rainy in San Francisco this
past weekend. So the boyfriend and I stayed in, watched a lot of Olympics, and I crafted.

I finished the teal jewel tone hat. It came out a little snug for me, but someone with way less hair could def rock it.

Someone also commissioned me to make a Cabbage Patch Kids Hat (http://growsewhappy.wordpress.com/2013/12/05/cabbage-patch-hat-pattern-improved/)
I have made the hat , but need to add the ponytails and ribbons. Follow the link above for a pretty simple crochet pattern and videos. I hope this hat fits as it looks super tiny! Then again the baby is 9 months old.


Last , I was working on this sort of art installation for my wall. I have lots of wall space and very few hangings. I am using ads from old magazines to make these accordion like wheels. So far this task has taken a lot of time. It is not so easy to fold all those magazine pages.



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