Pintrest Meet Etsy

Pintrest Meet Etsy

Etsy Tip: Creating Treasuries can help promote your business. When I read this I thought it was a little counterintuitive. Why should I promote other people’s businesses when I want to promote my own?

However, if you think about it, the best way to get people’s attention is to throw them a compliment. So far I think it has worked. I have gotten some more views on my shop page after creating a couple treasuries (See “I dream of Metallics“) . Plus checking out other people’s items is a great way to stay current on the trends and products out there.

Poking around in the forums I found this little gem: Treasury Pin. It allows you to pin your treasury on Pintrest. Not only are your drawing attention to your awesome curator skills, but you are pulling people toward looking at your shop. In addition, if your item is placed in a Treasury and Pinned then the amount of exposure could really be significant. So use the above link and get pinning!

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