Getting to Business

It is hard to admit when you are not good at something. However, that is what life is all about. Admitting and then accepting that you need to improve yourself in order to be a better you.  So readers I have a confession:  I am not a good business woman. :(.

The art of business is  foreign to me.  Beyond the exchanging of money for goods,  I’ve got nothing. I remember hating fundraisers in school where you had to go around asking people to buy stupid things like wrapping paper or magazine subscriptions. Even though the person was gaining something, it always felt like I was bothering people.

I am also kid of shy. So the idea of being so outgoing that I promote myself in an appealing matter makes me super uncomfortable. I don’t really like talking about myself in a way that sounds like I am “showboating.”  Yeah I will tell a story about traveling or my work, but I would never do it in a way that says, “Look at me!”

Yet, these are two of the most important skills in having a business!! If you are not selling and promoting yourself how will people know about your awesome product?! So my goal is to overcome these issues. This past week I committed myself to researching how to be a better business woman. Almost all of the sites I looked at echoed this :  I need to set a goal or a trajectory for what I want out of my business. So blog world I am advertising my goal hoping it will push me in the direction I need to go.  My goal is to have at least 15 views on my Etsy store site per day by September.  I am not sure if this is realistic, but no one gets where they want to go without aiming high.

So how am I going to get to 15 views per day?

1) Better self promotion through Instagram, Facebook, and word of mouth. Word of mouth has been the best source so far. I also need to update my business cards so when I get that question, “Oh do you have a store?” I can say YES!

2) Display more quality photos of my products. I am not a photographer nor a model. However, I have been practicing photo taking with my camera more.

3) Weekly update my store with product. Guess I better get to my LYS 🙂

If anyone has any strategies as to how you work your business online or in person, I (and other readers) would love to hear it.

And as always check out my shop: KnitsbyWhitG and follow me on Instagram: fabwhitty.  Also please use the comments section to promote your shop. I would love to see and support others as well.

Here are some of my knits in action:


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