Pattern Creation?

Lately I have not had the attention span to follow a pattern. Sad as I am trying to complete this really nice cowl and I can’t get more than a few rows complete without loosing focus. Instead I have just been free knitting stuff. Not much has resulted, but if got me thinking about creating patterns. I am sure that tons of people create patterns by trial and error, yet how do they remember what they did?

A little internet research yielded the following sites on making patterns, specifically pattern charts. Anyone ever use these (see below)? Anyone have a system they use to create patterns?

Annie Bee Knits– Give detailed instructions on how to create patterns using Microsoft Excel. Looks like a good method for making stitch and color patterns.  Great tips and guidance, but looks a little overwhelming.

Click This– Looks a lot simpler. You click on the symbols and insert them into the chart. No way to code for color work though.

Crochet Parfait– Gives you a tutorial to use on Excel where you can put in a picture of the item  you want to make as well as a link to Tricksy Knitter, which has a great video of how to use their chart maker. 

I would love some feedback! Also I will post what I felt worked for me real soon 🙂


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