Woah Look At Her Go!

I have to say if I am working in a garter stitch or a stockinette stitch I can knit pretty fast. But to be honest I have nothing on this lady.

Although the skill of speed knitting might be valuable (especially if you are making something on a deadline) is it practical? Think about it…how often are you making something that you want to speed through? Knitting is like yoga for me.  It is such a relaxing activity and once I get in my groove I appreciate the finished result. To speed though a project would just be like the rest of my life: OVERDOING IT! I need something  in my life that will calm and balance me.   I also wonder if the finished project would loose its overall quality. One is bound to make mistakes and alter the yarn tension when the focus is on how many stitches per minute rather than the process. Although the video is interesting to watch I think I will take the bench when it comes to the art (or sport?) of speed knitting.


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