Mail Time!

I have to admit that I LOVE getting mail. I love the opening of the mailbox and seeing all the different colored letters inside. I love sorting it and ripping open the good stuff. Yet, most of all I love when people in this modern age actually take the time to mail something. Yesterday, I was pleasantly surprised to receive a long tube shaped package. I was ecstatic. What could it be?!


Well a very thoughtful friend was cleaning out her grandmother’s closet and found some vintage knitting supplies.  If you are a good friend of mine you know that I am addicted to collecting, especially when it comes to knitting. In the package I got some knitting books, needles and other handy tools.


photo 2

I spent about 30 minutes looking through all the books and in one of the books there was this:

photo 3

Here is a chart for making Argyle Socks from 1962. Huh? This looks so confusing.  I am really glad that most books have switched to a box and symbol format for charting color work.

Although many of the patterns in the book are a little dated I could definitely see myself using them as inspiration for an updated pattern. For example this camisole would be beautiful with a few adjustments. I would change the yarn from acrylic, use a fingering weight, and adjust the needle size.

photo 5

So thank you kind friend for adding to my collection and adding to my appreciation of the history of knitting. 🙂


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