Knitting My Way Through the Football Season

I don’t know how I have allowed football to creep into my life.  I wouldn’t say I was a fan. However, the amount of red and gold items in my closet has increased, I check the score weekly, I go over to friends’ houses  to watch the game, and I even tailgate on occasion.

Made with Lion's Brand Wooly in red and gold (acrylic/wool blend)

My official Taligating Hat! Made with Lion’s Brand Wooly in red and gold (acrylic/wool blend)



The gang tailgating!

Part of the influence is that my boyfriend is a HUGE San Francisco 49ers fan. When we are together on Sundays, the Niners are a large focus of the day. Football and his love for it, have been a point of compromise in our relationship. After several negotiation meetings, he gets to watch one game per Sunday and I get treated to brunch :).

Well I thought football was done in December, but boy was I wrong.  “What do you mean there is more games!?” I exclaimed. The Niners did well so now there are playoff games! Yay… [insert sarcasm here] What is a girl to do?! Get some projects lined up from Ravelry…duh!  I mean the only thing that prevents me from being bored to death during the game is knitting. Yeah others stare at me weird while I am knitting during the game. They just can’t understand how knitting goes with football. Well to be honest it doesn’t. Yet, if I am to sit through 4 hours of men jumping on each other I better have some entertainment.

While watching yesterday’s game, I completed a cowl using Knitting Fever’s Painted Desert Line (#6 Brick). I pick this up at the LYS in New Mexico. Funny how the color of the cowl is sort of Niners colors.



Well it looks like there is the potential for 2 more games before the Superbowl. Maybe next season I should make some football inspired items for my Etsy Store. Let’s Go Niners!


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