Yay 100th Post!

Wohoo! After a little less than a year, I have officially made it to 100 posts! Thank you to all my readers and followers. I appreciate  the support immensely 🙂 .

Now to the regularly scheduled Friday Funnies!

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Getting to Business

It is hard to admit when you are not good at something. However, that is what life is all about. Admitting and then accepting that you need to improve yourself in order to be a better you.  So readers I have a confession:  I am not a good business woman. :(.

The art of business is  foreign to me.  Beyond the exchanging of money for goods,  I’ve got nothing. I remember hating fundraisers in school where you had to go around asking people to buy stupid things like wrapping paper or magazine subscriptions. Even though the person was gaining something, it always felt like I was bothering people.

I am also kid of shy. So the idea of being so outgoing that I promote myself in an appealing matter makes me super uncomfortable. I don’t really like talking about myself in a way that sounds like I am “showboating.”  Yeah I will tell a story about traveling or my work, but I would never do it in a way that says, “Look at me!”

Yet, these are two of the most important skills in having a business!! If you are not selling and promoting yourself how will people know about your awesome product?! So my goal is to overcome these issues. This past week I committed myself to researching how to be a better business woman. Almost all of the sites I looked at echoed this :  I need to set a goal or a trajectory for what I want out of my business. So blog world I am advertising my goal hoping it will push me in the direction I need to go.  My goal is to have at least 15 views on my Etsy store site per day by September.  I am not sure if this is realistic, but no one gets where they want to go without aiming high.

So how am I going to get to 15 views per day?

1) Better self promotion through Instagram, Facebook, and word of mouth. Word of mouth has been the best source so far. I also need to update my business cards so when I get that question, “Oh do you have a store?” I can say YES!

2) Display more quality photos of my products. I am not a photographer nor a model. However, I have been practicing photo taking with my camera more.

3) Weekly update my store with product. Guess I better get to my LYS 🙂

If anyone has any strategies as to how you work your business online or in person, I (and other readers) would love to hear it.

And as always check out my shop: KnitsbyWhitG and follow me on Instagram: fabwhitty.  Also please use the comments section to promote your shop. I would love to see and support others as well.

Here are some of my knits in action:

Pattern Creation?

Lately I have not had the attention span to follow a pattern. Sad as I am trying to complete this really nice cowl and I can’t get more than a few rows complete without loosing focus. Instead I have just been free knitting stuff. Not much has resulted, but if got me thinking about creating patterns. I am sure that tons of people create patterns by trial and error, yet how do they remember what they did?

A little internet research yielded the following sites on making patterns, specifically pattern charts. Anyone ever use these (see below)? Anyone have a system they use to create patterns?

Annie Bee Knits– Give detailed instructions on how to create patterns using Microsoft Excel. Looks like a good method for making stitch and color patterns.  Great tips and guidance, but looks a little overwhelming.

Click This– Looks a lot simpler. You click on the symbols and insert them into the chart. No way to code for color work though.

Crochet Parfait– Gives you a tutorial to use on Excel where you can put in a picture of the item  you want to make as well as a link to Tricksy Knitter, which has a great video of how to use their chart maker. 

I would love some feedback! Also I will post what I felt worked for me real soon 🙂

Woah Look At Her Go!

I have to say if I am working in a garter stitch or a stockinette stitch I can knit pretty fast. But to be honest I have nothing on this lady.

Although the skill of speed knitting might be valuable (especially if you are making something on a deadline) is it practical? Think about it…how often are you making something that you want to speed through? Knitting is like yoga for me.  It is such a relaxing activity and once I get in my groove I appreciate the finished result. To speed though a project would just be like the rest of my life: OVERDOING IT! I need something  in my life that will calm and balance me.   I also wonder if the finished project would loose its overall quality. One is bound to make mistakes and alter the yarn tension when the focus is on how many stitches per minute rather than the process. Although the video is interesting to watch I think I will take the bench when it comes to the art (or sport?) of speed knitting.

Mail Time!

I have to admit that I LOVE getting mail. I love the opening of the mailbox and seeing all the different colored letters inside. I love sorting it and ripping open the good stuff. Yet, most of all I love when people in this modern age actually take the time to mail something. Yesterday, I was pleasantly surprised to receive a long tube shaped package. I was ecstatic. What could it be?!


Well a very thoughtful friend was cleaning out her grandmother’s closet and found some vintage knitting supplies.  If you are a good friend of mine you know that I am addicted to collecting, especially when it comes to knitting. In the package I got some knitting books, needles and other handy tools.


photo 2

I spent about 30 minutes looking through all the books and in one of the books there was this:

photo 3

Here is a chart for making Argyle Socks from 1962. Huh? This looks so confusing.  I am really glad that most books have switched to a box and symbol format for charting color work.

Although many of the patterns in the book are a little dated I could definitely see myself using them as inspiration for an updated pattern. For example this camisole would be beautiful with a few adjustments. I would change the yarn from acrylic, use a fingering weight, and adjust the needle size.

photo 5

So thank you kind friend for adding to my collection and adding to my appreciation of the history of knitting. 🙂

Knitting My Way Through the Football Season

I don’t know how I have allowed football to creep into my life.  I wouldn’t say I was a fan. However, the amount of red and gold items in my closet has increased, I check the score weekly, I go over to friends’ houses  to watch the game, and I even tailgate on occasion.

Made with Lion's Brand Wooly in red and gold (acrylic/wool blend)

My official Taligating Hat! Made with Lion’s Brand Wooly in red and gold (acrylic/wool blend)



The gang tailgating!

Part of the influence is that my boyfriend is a HUGE San Francisco 49ers fan. When we are together on Sundays, the Niners are a large focus of the day. Football and his love for it, have been a point of compromise in our relationship. After several negotiation meetings, he gets to watch one game per Sunday and I get treated to brunch :).

Well I thought football was done in December, but boy was I wrong.  “What do you mean there is more games!?” I exclaimed. The Niners did well so now there are playoff games! Yay… [insert sarcasm here] What is a girl to do?! Get some projects lined up from Ravelry…duh!  I mean the only thing that prevents me from being bored to death during the game is knitting. Yeah others stare at me weird while I am knitting during the game. They just can’t understand how knitting goes with football. Well to be honest it doesn’t. Yet, if I am to sit through 4 hours of men jumping on each other I better have some entertainment.

While watching yesterday’s game, I completed a cowl using Knitting Fever’s Painted Desert Line (#6 Brick). I pick this up at the LYS in New Mexico. Funny how the color of the cowl is sort of Niners colors.



Well it looks like there is the potential for 2 more games before the Superbowl. Maybe next season I should make some football inspired items for my Etsy Store. Let’s Go Niners!