On the Road

I convinced my boyfriend that we should take a road trip over our holiday break. We decided on the Grand Canyon and Northern New Mexico. The Grand Canyon has been on my list of places to get to in the USA for awhile.  So 12 hours later we made it to Flagstaff, AZ! The drive was really not that bad. There was lots of interesting scenery to admire. I also passed the time with my new Christmas toy! Santa brought me a Wonder Knitter. I wanted to make some projects with i-cord and this is a simple little tool to help the job along. The tool is easy to use, but the tension is a little loose. Look forward to future posts of my completed projects 🙂 Next stop…Grand Canyon!

Image  IMG_0121  IMG_0122


Hills in Southern California

Hills in Southern California


The highway never ends!

More Hills!

More Hills!




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