Hats for the Homeless

In my eyes, giving back to your community is one of the most important things. Sometimes I feel that this is  only really emphasized  around the holiday season. However, giving back should be a year round thing. I know that I have made strong efforts this year to give back to my community by volunteering at the food bank and making donations to organizations for those who need extra assistance. One of the most surprising things about living in San Francisco is the number of homeless people around. It is a sad thing to see someone out on the street, especially when it gets cold. So for the Christmas season I decided to donate some knit hats to St. Anthony’s San Francisco. This organization provides food, clothing, and other services to homeless people in the SF community. Going into the new year, I hope to continue to dedicate my time and/or talents to those in need.

Here is a link to some other organizations in need of knit items. If you know of some other organizations looking for donations of any kind please post contact info in the comments.




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