Kid’s Crafts

During the day I work as a speech therapist for preschool and elementary school students. One of the ways to keep students interested and developing language skills is surprisingly crafts. Rarely do I meet a kid who doesn’t love gluing and cutting and making a mess. However, I usually only have 30 minutes with them, therefore quick crafts are a must. As I was perusing Pintrest, I saw this Popsicle snowman. I remember making one of those!  This quick craft is an oldie but a goodie. Plus he reminds me of my favorite Nickelodeon character Stick Stickly from back in the day.

How to make “Frosty the Stick Snowman”

You need: Craft Sticks, liquid glue, construction paper, gems or buttons, a marker, scissors

Supplies needed

Supplies needed

1)Use the scissors to cut the construction paper into a top hat , nose, and scarf.

2) Draw on the eyes and the mouth using a black marker.

3) Glue on the accessories. Gems or buttons can add a snazzier effect to the body.

4)Your Done!

How can I use Frosty?

  • Attach a string to the top of the stick and make an ornament.
  • Use as a gift tag. Write the “To” and “From” on the bottom portion of the craft stick.
  • Teachers can use this as a turn taking tool. Have each student write their name on the back and stick them all in a jar. When it is time for turn taking activities pull out one snowman to see whose turn it is.
  • Use them as a manipulative during circle time songs or stories. They would also be a great counting tool.
  • Have your own snowman puppet show! Encourage the children to create their own winter stories and have the snowmen act them out.
Finished Work!

Finished Work!

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