Family Time

I hope all those who celebrate Thanksgiving had a great time. My aunts hosted Thanksgiving and it was a wonderful night. The ambiance was gorgeous, the food was delish,  and the company was enjoyable. As a gift to my aunts, I made a candle/ flower vase inspired by this one on Katalina Jewlery.

Holiday Centerpiece:

What you need: A Vase, a smaller vase, velum paper in 2-3 colors, scissors, metallic gel pens, clear packing tape, a leaf stencil, and a candle.

1) Use your stencil to trace the number of leaves you desire.

2) Cut the leaves out.

3) Have guests leave you a message. I used the metallic gel pens to add a festive touch to the overall work. My prompt: What are you thankful for?


4)Use a glass cleaner to ensure the vase surfaces are clean.

5) With the clear packing tape, place the leaves face up (the wrong side of the leaf should be on the sticky side of the tape. This ensures the writing will appear through the glass.)

6) Adhere the tape to the inside of the large vase.

7) Once all of the desired leaves are arranged on the large vase, place the smaller vase inside.

8) Place a candle or flowers into the smaller vase and display!



For other holidays change the decor inside:

Christmas: Leave and holly with berries

New Years: Metallic confetti or designs cut our of velum paper.



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