Can I vent for a minute?

This has been annoying me. For some reason this year retailers  decided that Christmas should be 3 months long. Did anyone else notice the Santas and garland in stores before Halloween? It think it is crazy. I mean yes, I generally need a little extra time to prepare for Christmas as I usually make many of my gifts.  But 3 months? In my opinion, having all of the holiday stuff out so early ruins the specialness of “holiday time.” I mean after a month of pine wreaths, ornaments, fake candles and snow, and Santa I am sick of Christmas. Christmas needs to go back to being a holiday, not a season, as many commercial retailers would love it to be.

Check out this email that was sent to me from Michael’s about their “Yarn Event”. I am happy that yarn is on sale, but why does it have to be for Christmas? What happened to Thanksgiving?

Guess I have T-minus 41 days to get myself together *sigh*


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