Family Time

I hope all those who celebrate Thanksgiving had a great time. My aunts hosted Thanksgiving and it was a wonderful night. The ambiance was gorgeous, the food was delish,  and the company was enjoyable. As a gift to my aunts, I made a candle/ flower vase inspired by this one on Katalina Jewlery.

Holiday Centerpiece:

What you need: A Vase, a smaller vase, velum paper in 2-3 colors, scissors, metallic gel pens, clear packing tape, a leaf stencil, and a candle.

1) Use your stencil to trace the number of leaves you desire.

2) Cut the leaves out.

3) Have guests leave you a message. I used the metallic gel pens to add a festive touch to the overall work. My prompt: What are you thankful for?


4)Use a glass cleaner to ensure the vase surfaces are clean.

5) With the clear packing tape, place the leaves face up (the wrong side of the leaf should be on the sticky side of the tape. This ensures the writing will appear through the glass.)

6) Adhere the tape to the inside of the large vase.

7) Once all of the desired leaves are arranged on the large vase, place the smaller vase inside.

8) Place a candle or flowers into the smaller vase and display!



For other holidays change the decor inside:

Christmas: Leave and holly with berries

New Years: Metallic confetti or designs cut our of velum paper.




Finally made it back to the east coast! The boyfriend and I spent a very cold day (it was 25 degrees!) wandering around the city of Boston. We made it to the Boston Common, Public Garden, Beacon Hill, and Cheers. It felt good to be in my old stomping ground. As much as I love San Francisco, Boston will always be home.







Snowflake sweater

It has been a crazy week and a half! Report cards are due and too many meetings are going on.The bright side is I have a whole week of vacation starting Monday!  So expect blogging galore on my time off. For vacation and the holiday I will be heading back to Massachusetts to see my family. I am excited to see them, but not to be back in the artic temperatures! I was pulling out all of my heavy sweaters when I came across this gem that I made what seems like eons ago. I was looking over my work and realized how much my technique and knowledge has evolved.

I got this pattern from Vogue Knitting Internationals Holiday 2007 edition. It is a Fair Isle Cardigan by Londoner Bliss. The pattern called for Debbie Bliss’ KFI Cashmerino Baby weight yarn. As I was on a budget (and did not appreciate fine yarn yet)  I used acrylic yarn instead. This was a bad choice as the sweater doesn’t look as luxurious as it should. A wiser Whit knows that when you spend that much time on something it is way better to spend the money and go for the pricier yarn choice.

 I think I had been knitting about 4 years at this point. So I wasn’t a beginner, but this was my first shot at complex color work.  As you can see, I pulled the yarn behind the work a little too tight as you can see the rippling of the piece.

wpid-IMG_20131120_060806.jpg  wpid-IMG_20131120_060356.jpg

Not bad for my first shot. Makes me wonder if I should try something like this again to see if I have improved.

New Stitch!

I decided that November would be my time to try more challanging stitches. I picked up the Big Book of Knitting Stitch Patterns at the local library.

Featured in lilac acrylic is Overlapping Waves.


I created a beanie and added a button to stylize it a little more. I am really loving this stitch pattern and need to find another project to incorperate it into.

Project Finished!

Well I finally reached the peak of the mountain. After about 2.5 months, I have completed the Dogwood Blanket from Tin Can Knits pattern found in 9 Months of Knitting. It was a hard project for me as you saw in my previous blog posting (see link below), but I did it! I think it came out looking pretty good. I will defiantly keep my new little cousin warm.

Things I would change if I ever made this again:

1) I would block each piece as I go. I only blocked the first square to make sure it came out as a square and that I didn’t bind off too tight.  The white square was knit with a little tighter of a gauge so I had to really stretch it when blocking for sewing.

2) Possibly crochet the edges to make it a uniform square. As you can see some of the outer edges are wavy looking.

3) Pick bolder colors. I really like the blanket being different colors and wish I had picked some crazier colors.