Saturday Hiking

Another weekend in Los Angeles! Today the boyfriend and I went hiking in Griffith Park. It was nice and hot, but in the distance loomed fog. I popped on a basic beanie since my hair was looking a little scary. It is made from a seed stitch using Caron Simply Soft.









Thanks Google Image Search!

It didn’t pin to my Pintrest board!?!


I spent all of this time searching for the perfect lacy pattern and I could not figure out where I got it from. *Sad Face* Randomly I had saved it to my desktop, but I didn’t want to resort to recreating the wheel quite just yet.

Image (Isn’t it divine?)

Well thank you Google!

I remembered from some random reality show I was watching that they used Google Image Search to find things on the internet with just a picture. Well with one click and drop in the box later I found my pattern! Yay! I guess all this living near tech-oriented people is paying off.

Pattern Link:

Odd Knits

So my friend has a Chau Chau aka the furriest dog ever!

chau (Not her dog)

She was telling me this weekend that someone propositioned her to buy her dog’s fur. Why I asked? Well the person wanted to spin the fur into yarn. What?!? I had to investigate. Further searches lead to all the photos below. Oh the things people make.

dog hair   meat bag

brain pig


eyes t

Weekending in San Francisco

This weekend was the annual Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival in Golden Gate Park. I am not necessarily a bluegrass fan, but who can say no to sun, fun, and wine!


Check out Steve Martin’s band!


I also started some projects that I should be finishing up this week.


My final square in the Dogwood blanket from Tin Can knits.


I started on the DIY Byzantine Chain Bracelet featured on Craftgawker. I plan on adding buttons to it to change up the design.


I also am working on the knitted coasters from Craftgawker. My friend is getting married this weekend so all of the coasters together will spell out their name.

My top 5 list from Craftgawker

I am really loving the site Craftgawker. Actually it has replaced my obsession for Pintrest. Here are the top 5 things I hope to create!

1) Knit Letter Tile Coasters from Craftfoxes  Knit Letter Tile Coasters

These would make great holiday gifts or wedding gifts!

2) Monogramed cutting board from Ruffled DIY Monogrammed Cutting Board

This project looks a little intimidating, but if done right would look stellar for any special occasion.

3) A Photo and Floral Centerpiece from Katalina Jewlery Photo & Floral Centerpiece

Displaying pictures in a semi unconventional way? Yes please! I am thinking centerpieces at a birthday party.

4) Bitty Baby Booties from Small + FriendlyBitty Baby Booties

These are so cute they are beyond words!

5) Sumo Wrestler Bowling Pins from Pink Stripey SocksSumo Wrestler Bowling Pins

Kids would get a laugh playing with these…and so would adults probably.