Crafting Weekend!

I decided that this past weekend I was going to take it easy and craft! I took the time to finish up some knitting projects as well as design some items to decorate my bare apartment walls.

The first item on the list was card holders. A lot of kids at my school have a really hard time holding several cards while playing games like Go Fish. So here is my solution: Ruler Card Holders! Quick and easy to make while also being super affordable. (Total cost: $2.37)


Next I wanted to create some wall art. I moved into my apartment in February, but the wall are still pretty bare. After lots of google and pintrest searches I really fell in love with melted crayon art.
I designed some simple graphics on the canvas. Then, I hot glued the crayons in a rainbow pattern along the top edge. Using a blow dryer I melted the tops of the crayons. This part was super fun as you can manipulate the path of the melted wax with the blow dryer. I think the project came out pretty well.



I also finished up and started another square on my Dogwood baby blanket. It is looking good so far.


Last but not least, I finished the sleeves on my Lemon Yellow sweater. I have to say thay this project has been a little neglected. Fall is coming so I better finish soon.



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