The hardest blanket ever!


I was walking down lovely Valencia St in San Francisco when I stumbled upon Serendipity. I saw skeins of beautiful yarn in the window …I went to just take a peek… I met Kathy, the purveyor of the yarns… she showed me the wonders that were for sale…and well you know the rest. I ended up walking out with a new pattern book: 9 months of Knitting by the gals  at Tin Can Knits and 4 skeins of Cascade Superwash Wool. Looking through the book, I fell in love with the Dogwood pattern (seen below). I did my “new project happy dance” and skipped home to begin.

9M-dogwood-tmb                  9-Months-of-Knitting-frontcover-600

Cut to 3 weeks later:

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! This is how I feel when knitting this project. I consider myself a pretty advanced knitter, but is blanket is beyond me? The design of the blanket is to knit the pattern in the round and eventually you end up with 4 large squares that you sew together. As of today, I have  finished just 1 square!!! This makes me sad/frustrated/annoyed and oddly more determined to complete this project. I mean I have worked on this project pretty much everyday, for at least an hour, so I should have more progress right? Well not really as I had to start the whole piece over 3 times and then had to rip out sections at least 4 times. Ugh!


But I am determined to conquer this beast!  Hopefully the tricks I picked up completing the first square will help with squares 2-4. Pray for me folks, because I think this baby is going to be going to Kindergarten before this blanket is complete.

9 thoughts on “The hardest blanket ever!

  1. Agh I hate the feeling of finding out an exciting pattern is going to take much longer than you expected it to! Just imagine the beautiful blanket you will have at the end, though and keep at it 🙂

  2. I like to stab my knitting with a needle to show it who’s the boss. 😉 j/k of course, but the idea sounds nice when frustrated. As much as I hate unraveling and reknitting, the work is always worth the treasure you gain in the end.

  3. good luck with this. Hopefully you finish it and that it turns out beautifully. I’ve just looked this pattern up on Ravelry and it has a 5 star rating for difficulty, so you are not the only one finding it difficult.

  4. Hello Whitney – sorry to hear you’re having difficulty!

    Is it the cast-on that is giving you trouble? We have a tutorial on the pinhole cast-on here:

    Also, the Pop blanket tutorial here might give you some tips on working a centre-out square in the round using DPNS or a long circular with the magic loop technique.

    If you give me more clues as to which aspects of the knit that are causing you difficulties, I might be able to give you more suggestions and help!

    Warmly, Emily Wessel | Designer @ Tin Can Knits |

    • Emily,

      Thank you for your post! I feel I have done some self problem solving with my current square (using 4 double pointed needled versus a circular needle). I am having the most difficulty with ensuring the pattern is lining up. This is especially true for rows 41-49. Coming out of the yo, ssk lacing to the middle section has been quite difficult. I think I have figured it out, but if you have some handy tips I am open to hearing them. I think that Tin Can Knits has some wonderful things going on and I plan on using many of your patterns in the future.

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