Fun Bridal Shower/Bachelorette Gift

My good friend held her bridal shower this past Sunday. It was super fun. Lots of good food, conversation, and yummy sangria! She didn’t have the traditional bridal shower routine of opening gifts, but I couldn’t resist giving a little something. Since she is in LOVE with sunglasses I instantly thought of the pair below.

“Coutour” Bridal Shades:


You need: Pair of sunglasses, rhinestones, super glue, hot glue gun, tweezers, and gauzy material ( I used the little drawstring bags used to hold candies. I just cut the bottoms of the bags off).

A lot of focus and 25 minutes later and Tada!




In two weeks we are headed to Las Vegas for the Bachelorette party. Can’t wait to see these glam shades by the poolside.

Knitting At Work


Back to school means a whole lot of teacher work days. What are those teachers doing? Going to professional development classes. Six days worth to be exact. Sitting for three hours at a time can be almost unbearable. My fingers were itching for a project to work on. However, what are the rules for knitting at work, specifically during meetings and/or lectures? Is it rude and disrespectful or a good use of time? I know that I can concentrate on other things while knitting, but I am pretty sure others don’t feel that way at all. Which to be honest is surprising. I mean we live in a society that is constantly splitting their attention between multiple activities and/or stimuli. Think about how many times you are reading blogs and watching TV at the same time. Knitting and participating in a meeting is just the same, right?


What is your opinion about it?

A new town and a new start

This is the cutest idea and it is cheap! I might use this with some of the special needs children I work with.


In a few days I’ll be moving out for college.  I do love my family, but it’s exciting to start all over and make my own decisions. So what’s a better moment to start some new habbits than right now?

From now on I’ll try to keep you up to date on my latest crafts and I’ll show you my old ones as well. If possible I’ll make a DIY of my crafts so you can recreate them at home if you like. Since I won’t have access to my mom’s crafting equipment I probably won’t make any fancy stuff, but I’ll see what fits within my budget.

A while ago I saw this picture of an anti-stress bubble wrap box online;bubble-wrap-tissue-box1

I thought it was pretty funny and decided to make two for my brothers! It’s very easy and a fun gift to craft!

Boxes censored

As you can see I’m not a native…

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Back in Action!

Well America here I am…seriously jet lagged and craving a burrito. I have been home from Asia for about three days and I am still adjusting back into regular life. The #1 item on the list was sleep, #2 head to Chipotle, #3 get knitting! I instantly picked up my lemon yellow sweater project that I abandoned before my trip. I thought I would be a little rusty after 7 weeks of non-knitting, but it was like riding a bike. It felt great to have my hands busy again. Gosh I missed knitting.

Currently, I am working the sleeves together on a large circular. I plan on adding tan elbow patches, but I will complete them seperately and then hand sew them on. Can’t wait to model the finished project for you!