School’s Out for Summer!

Summer vacation is here!!! I work in the education field, therefore I have 2 1/2 months off to knit and craft as much as I want! Usually in the summer, I make blankets or detailed sweaters since I have less distractions. Recently, I saw Oblivion with Tom Cruise. As I was watching the movie I noticed that one of the female characters had this great grandpa-looking sweater.  I love the look of a masculine cardigan with a rolled collar and those weaved buttons. So my project for June: Grandpa sweater meets modern girl

I ran to my LYS and ran into an issue. What color? I debated and thought. I have tons of blue sweaters (the character’s sweater was blue) and I wanted to expand my horizons. I came across a lemon yellow and I decided to take a chance. I brought my goods home and sat down to sketch. At this point in my knitting life I can pretty much create a sweater from memory (without a pattern). I do consult my “holy book,” Vogue Knitting Guide when I get to the sleeves and neckline, just to ensure proper alignment. Here is what I sketched:

 ImageI have designed a basic cardigan with bobble accents on the shoulders and elbow sections. I am still debating if the bobbles should be yellow or a tan contrast color. The collar will be rolled down and there will be pockets on each side. I also found the best light tan weaved buttons! I am super excited to see the finished product. Check back in to watch my idea turn into a sweater.



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