Crafting on a Budget: Red Heart Soft

There is nothing like working with a beautiful yarn that feels like butter between your fingers. However, when a two skein project costs close to $40 my wallet always lets out a little yelp. My policy is that unless it is something for me or a gift for someone really close to me I usually head to Micheal’s or Lion’s There are several lines of inexpensive (Less than $8.00 per skein) yarn selections that make a great work of art. 

I was in my local Micheal’s two weeks ago and discovered that Red Heart has created a “soft” line. Generally I do not like Red Heart products. They tend to be really rough on your hands and in my opinion projects tend to come out looking “cheapy.” However, the new product and interesting colors caught my eye. I decided what the heck I’ll try it… plus it was on sale for 50% off!


I decided to make one of my basic slouchie hats to just try out how the product worked. I went for the turquoise color rather than the “guacamole” seen above. I must say I was impressed. The yarn was quite easy to work with. The material is 100% acrylic and remained soft before, during, and after the hat making process (not scratchy). I also really liked the jewel tone colors that were in stock. Don’t worry about the yarn splitting while you work either. It was smooth going from start to finish.



Overall, this is a decent yarn to buy when you are thinking of making a large scale item such as a blanket, holiday gifts, items that will get a lot of wash, and/or you know someone allergic to natural fibers such as wool.

Rating: B+



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