So I Tried This…

The catch line was…Have you heard of a magic ball?

No! What is it?!?

Well basically it is a fun way to use those leftover tiny balls of yarn.  You take all of your odds and ends and create your own self-striping yarn. All you need is random yarn bits and a tapestry needle. Follow this Link and you too can DIY a ball (or cake) of awesomeness!
img_0511A Tip: For a consistent result use yarn of a similar weight. Wanna get artsy? Mix up bulky, worsted, and DK to get a mixed texture look.

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Sunday Knits: A Cheer Up

Well the Niners🏈 lost today…they lost bad. Good thing I had some cute headwear to photograph. 

Koala Hat (Inspired by Koala Hat from Little Red Window) in Isaac Mizrahi CRAFT Silver

Color Swap Beanie in Paton Classic Wool Royal Purple and Vanna’s Choice Silver Blue

Trinity in Reverse Headwrap in Vanna’s Choice Mustard

I am really proud of how the Koala Hat came out. Usually I don’t like making hats that have a lot to sew on, but this one was too cute not to make! 

How did your weekend knitting go?

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DIY Pom Poms

Pom Poms are a great way to transform a simple hat design. I mean take this hat…

Add a pom pom…And you have a great color pop addition!Way back when I learned to make pom poms using two pieces of circular cardboard . I find this method is one of the best ways to get a fluffy and symmetrical pom pom. With this method, I rarely have to do much trimming of the finished product. Plus I can create different size discs to make small, medium, or large pom poms.

Pom poms became quite trendy this year and the Internet is afloat with several ways in which to DIY your own.

This method with using your fingers is a quick way to make a pom pom. All the tools you need are yarn and scissors. The one con is that most likely you will have to do more trimming in the end to shape up the pom pom than with the discs.

Here is another method using a fork. The fork it limiting in a sense that the Pom pond can only be so big. I have to say this was my least favorite method. It was a little tough to get a secure tie-off before cutting all of the loops.

Most likely I will stick with my cardboard disc method, but it always good to have several methods in your arsenal.

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Sunday Knits

American Football season is here, which means my Sundays will be full of food, friends, and of course fiber. Living on the West Coast football games start pretty early in the morning (10:00 AM). No worries though we made the best of it with brunch and mimosas. Even our fruit was representing the red and gold! 

 As many of you know football games are long. Think 3-3.5 hours depending on the number of flags,penalties…etc. This game was no exception. It felt like the 2nd quarter would not end. Thank goodness I had knitting. I was making another hat (surprise surprise) and all that sitting time went to good use.

My hat at 10:00 AM:My hat at 1:00ish PM: (Patons Classic Wool Worsted in Black and Caron Simply Soft in White)

7 inches done! Woot woot! Football might not be so terrible after all. It keeps the hubby occupied while I get to knit away. Talk about a touchdown 😉🏈👍🏾!

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WIP Wednesday

Works are in progress in the House of Whit🙂

What is on the needles you ask? Well I am starting a new hat. I decided to make a cable band and then I will pick up stitches to make the body and crown of the hat. I am loving this icy blue. It reminds me of Elsa in the movie Frozen. img_04351

Last night, I finished knitting this Cat Hat. (This post is more of an outline rather than a pattern.) I am really into the design concept as you don’t have to make the ears separately and sew them on. Basically you knit a hat and don’t decrease for the crown. Get ready to use the Kitchener’s Stitch and add a seam and Tah- Dah… a cute cat hat! I still need to get the last seam completed to better define the ears to call this a true FO. img_04341

The hat mania continues and I am loving it. For me hats are a great way to try some new techniques while getting a finished result pretty quickly.

Anyone have a go- to hat pattern they love? 

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